Epson EB-W51 WXGA 3LCD Projector

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Projection Technology:RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system (3LCD) Brightness2: White Light Output (Normal/Eco):4,000 lm Colour Light Output:4,000 lm Connectivity: USB Interface:USB Type A: 1 (For Wireless LAN, Firmware Update, Copy OSD Settings) USB Type B: 1 (For Firmware Update, Copy OSD Settings)Network:Wireless: Optional (ELPAP11) Analog Input:Composite: 1 RCA, D-Sub 15pin: 1 Digital Input:HDMI: 1 Audio Input:2RCA (White & Red): 1 Contrast Ratio:16,000:1 Screen Size (Projected Distance): Standard Size:Tele: 33” to 320” [1.10 to 10.89 m] Wide: 33” to 320” [0.91 to 9.07 m] Geometric Correction: Vertical/Horizontal Keystone:±30° / ±30° (Auto Vertical Keystone only) Quick Corner:Yes

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Product description
Projector Specifications

Projector Specifications

Projection TechnologyRGB liquid crystal shutter projection system (3LCD)
Brightness (White Light Output)4,000 lm (Normal/Eco)
Brightness (Colour Light Output)4,000 lm
Contrast Ratio16,000:1
Screen Size (Projected Distance)Standard Size:
Tele: 33 to 320 [1.10 to 10.89 m]
Wide: 33 to 320 [0.91 to 9.07 m]
Geometric CorrectionVertical/Horizontal Keystone: ±30° / ±30° (Auto Vertical Keystone only)
Quick Corner: Yes
Operating TemperatureLow Altitude: 5-40 °C [<41-104 °F>]
High Altitude: 5-35 °C [<41-95 °F>]
(20% - 80% Humidity, No Condensation)
Operating Altitude0-3,048 m [<0-10,000 ft>]
Start-Up PeriodUp to 6 seconds
Warm-up Period30 seconds
Cool Down PeriodInstant Off
Direct Power On/OffYes
Dimensions Excluding Feet (W x H x D)302 x 77 x 234 mm
WeightApprox. 2.5 kg
Air FilterType: High Efficiency Filter
Maintenance Cycle: 6,000 / 12,000 hours*
Fan NoiseNormal: 37dB / Eco: 28dB
Power Supply Voltage100-240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Optional Wireless SpecificationsSupported Speed for Each Mode:
IEEE 802.11b (2.4GHz): 11 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11n (2.4GHz): 72.2 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11a (5GHz): 54 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11n (5GHz): 150 Mbps*
IEEE 802.11g (2.4GHz): 54 Mbps*
Wireless LAN Security:
Infrastructure: OPEN, WPA2/WPA3-PSK
Access Point: OPEN, WPA2-PSK (AES)

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