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Product description
Maininput voltage 230 V
output voltage 230 V
rated power in W 480 W
rated power in VA 800 VA
plug standard  NEMA 5-15P
nb of power socket outlets 4 universal receptacle
cable length 1.52 m
number of cables 1
battery type Lead-acid battery
provided equipment User manual
GeneralNumber of power module free slots 0
Number of power module filled slots 0
redundant No
UPS size WS
Physicalcolour Black
height 9.2 cm x width 16.1 cm x depth 30.5 cm x net weight 5.3 kg
mounting preference No preference
mounting mode Not rack-mountable
two post mountable 0
USB compatible No
Inputnetwork frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 5 Hz auto-sensing
input voltage limits 170...280 V
OutputMaximum configurable power in W 480 W
output frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz unsynchronised
UPS type Line interactiveWave type Stepped approximation to a sinewave
graph display 1
Maximum configurable power in VA 800 VA
Transfer time 6 ms typical : 10 ms maximum
Conformanceproduct certifications CE, TISI
Environmentalambient air temperature for operation 040 °C
relative humidity 090 %
operating altitude 0...6667 ft
ambient air temperature for storage -2050 °C
storage Relative Humidity 090 %
storage altitude 0.0015240.00 m
acoustic level 40 dBA
IP degree of protection
Batteries & Runtime
EfficiencyView Efficiency Graphaction_new_window
number of battery filled slots 0
number of battery free slots 0
Battery recharge time 8 h
battery life 35 year(s)
extended runtime 0
Communications & Management control panel LED Status display with on line : on battery
alarm Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : overload continuous tone alarm
Surge energy rate 156 J
Packing UnitsPackage 1 Weight 5.6 kg
Package 1 Height 23.7 cm
Package 1 width 14.3 cm
Package 1 Length 37.3 cm
SCC14 10731304346859
Warranty 2 years repair or replace

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