Product warranty conditions

Conditions for changing new products

Within 7 days from the date the customer receives the product. and found a problem with the product being damaged, damaged, or unable to use This is a symptom of a product fault. Will be able to change to a new one.


1. In the case of changing to a new product It can only be exchanged for the same model. In the event that the product is not available for exchange, the store will refund the money to the customer.

2. Products to be changed Must have complete equipment The product must be in perfect condition.

If the product is not in perfect condition The store reserves the right to exchange products.

Products that are not in perfect condition There are the following conditions.

The product is damaged, dropped, cracked, broken, dented, burned, bent, cracked, missing equipment, has scratches.

Products damaged by incorrect repairs or modifications

Products damaged by natural disasters such as lightning, lightning strikes, floods, and fires.

Products that are damaged are caused by improper storage, such as water stains, rust stains.

In the case that the product has already been purchased Not satisfied with the product or caused by the customer's own mistake The shop will not be able to exchange products in all cases.

Product claim conditions

If after receiving the product it has been more than 7 days, a claim must be submitted according to the company's conditions.

In the case that it cannot be repaired or if the product must be exchanged The shop will inform customers first.

In the delivery of the product, it was damaged.

In the case where the shop is the one who delivers to the customer and damage The shop will be responsible. The customer can return it back to the store.

In the case that the customer returns it back to the store and damage The shop will not be responsible in any case.

The company reserves the right to make changes or corrections. Warranty conditions without prior notice


If it is a product delivery The store recommends that customers take a video every time they unpack the product. For speed in changing products

In the case of sending the product back The shop recommends that all customers pack their products and wrap them in bubble wrap every time.

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