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GPU Engine Specs:CUDA Cores: 8448
Boost Clock: 2640MHz
1-Click OC Clock: 2655MHz (by installing Xtreme Tuner Plus Software and using 1-Click OC)
Memory Specs:Memory Speed: 21 Gbps
Standard Memory Config: 16GB
Memory Interface PCI-E 4.0
Memory Bandwidth: 672 GB/sec
Feature Support:PCI-E 4.0
Windows 10/11 64-bit
Fan Feature:2 * 92mm, 1 * 102mm
WINGS 2.0 with Fan stop @ Idle (All Fans)
Display Support:DisplayPort 1.4a x 3, HDMI 2.1a x 1
Dimensions:Dimensions(with Bracket): 336 * 146 * 62mm
Dimensions(without Bracket): 323 * 131 * 60mm
In Box Accessories:Aluminium support stick
PCIe 1x 16-pin to 2x 8-pin adapter
1-Click Sync Pro cable

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