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AniMe Matrix LED display: Personalize and express yourself in a unique way with customizable images and animations
Stylish and ergonomic: Detachable wrist rest with light diffuser 
Intuitive controls: Dedicated media and volume controls are conveniently placed at the top-left corner of the keyboard
Almost-instantaneous response: 8000 Hz polling rate provides a 0.125 ms response time up to 8X faster than other leading gaming keyboards
Available with ROG NX mechanical switches: Lubricated stem for smooth clicks, lubricated housing to eliminate bouncing noises, fast actuation and ROG-tuned force curves for great keystroke feel with great keystroke consistency.
Learn more about ROG NX Mechanical Switches
Available with Cherry MX mechanical switches: German-made Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches for precision input
Swappable switches: Install your preferred switch type for a unique, customized feel
ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps: Durable keycaps with mid-height profile and shorter stems reduce key wobble and feature translucent ROG script
Learn more about ROG Doubleshot Keycap Set
ROG switch stabilizer: Specially designed to ensure smooth keystrokes and stability for longer keys
Improved acoustics: Built-in sound-dampening foam helps absorb pinging noises and echoes within the keyboard
Convenient connectivity: USB passthrough port allows for easy connection to other devices

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