Desktop streaming camera with multi-step ring light High fps HD Video (720p 60fps/1080p 30fps) Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit

฿ 3,699 ฿ 3,699
฿ 3,190 ฿ 3,190 -14%

Set includes the Cynosa Lite gaming keyboard, Viper Mini gaming mouse, and Gigantus v2 mouse pad Cynosa Lite gaming keyboard features customisable single-zone Chroma RGB lighting, programmable macro functionality, and a quiet, cushioned, spill-resistant design Viper Mini ultralight wired gaming mouse boasts fast gaming switches, an 8500 DPI optical sensor, Chroma RGB underglow lighting, 6 programmable buttons, and a drag-free cord Gigantus v2 cloth gaming mouse pad features thick, high-density foam and a non-slip base

฿ 3,990 ฿ 3,990
฿ 1,890 ฿ 1,890 -53%
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